As a competent and versatile craftsman I am to your availability on Mallorca in order to help to implement your smaller and bigger projects.
I'm pleased to give you my individual and non-binding advice!

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The development of individual products is a further passion ...
Talk with me about your ideas and I will guarantee a perfect implementation!

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Once a month I offer my advice and executing help to charity institutions and projects free of charge ...
Apply now!

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BEHRENS.works : As a competent and versatile crafts enterprise, my partners and I are to your availability all around the island in order to implement your smaller and bigger projects. BEHRENS.does the implementation of your projects from the planning to the building permit.

service 1


terraces - facade works - walling - natural stone works - roofing - pools - fencing

service 2


modernisation of kitchens and bathrooms - clean-up operations - renewal of floor coverings - wall penetrations - dry wallings

service 3


minor repairs - paintworks - sanitary reparations - furniture fittings


Take a look at my references. Indoor and outdoor.

project 1

Natural stone works

Natural stone is a favourable construction material on Mallorca.

Being a domestic material, it has a diverse usability and immediately creates a mediterranean feeling.

New elements combined with this building material adapt harmoniously into the environment.

BEHRENS.builds according to your wishes.

project 2


After an apartment or house purchase, it is often time for a restoration of the bathroom according to your individual requirements.

The modernisation of the room layout and of the sanitary facilities paired with a modern tile design lets your bathroom shine in a new light.

BEHRENS.renovates from the planning to the implementation.

project 3


A terrace enlarges the living room towards the outdoors and is the preferred area during summer. On hot days life takes part outdoors.

The terrace is complemented with a sunblind.

BEHRENS.enlarges also your living space.

project 4


Roofs shelter from sun and rain and are indispensable elements in the majorcan everyday life.

Be it a porch for your front door, a sunblind over your courtyard, a shade sail at your pool or a carport for your car.

BEHRENS.constructs also your awning.

project 5


The centre of life and meeting point for family and friends is often the kitchen. A modern and practical atmosphere provides a smooth workflow.

The exchange of an old worktop or the installation of a new kitchenette make for a fresh feeling.

BEHRENS.upgrades also your kitchen.

project 6


A new coating of the walls creates a huge effect without much effort.

Be it a new, coloured wall in the dining room or just a whitening of the existing walls in the living room. A recoating gives a room-feeling like after a relocation to a new place.

For care, wooden windows, doors or cupboards need to be provided with a protection coating regularly.

BEHRENS.renovates according to your wishes.

project 7


A pool brings the ocean into your garden. You get the planning, construction permit and implementation from one hand in order to fulfil your dream of a pool.

I am also your contact for kerbstone restorations or pool terraces.

BEHRENS.designs your pool area.

project 8


You are unhappy with your current flooring? Then it is time for a renewal.

New floor tiles, carpet, laminate or wooden floors enhance the living quality.

BEHRENS.lays cosiness.

project 9

Sanitary repairs

The water on Mallorca is extremely calcareous. This becomes obvious through calcified water pipes and gadgets.

Dripping cisterns, calcified taps or clogged hot water boilers are thus not an infrequency in everyday life.

BEHRENS.repairs also your piping.

project 10

Property fencing

Your existing fence does not cope with your needs anymore. It is too low, too old, too transparent or just not aesthetic?

It is a pleasure for me to make you an offer to renew the situation.

BEHRENS.renews also your boundaries.

project 11

Furniture fittings/Minor repairs

Sometimes it is only a small reparation that will make your everyday life easier: the renewal of a worn out hinge, the levelling of hard-steering doors, the fixing of loose mountings or the assembly of a new lamp.

Or does your cupboard not fit into the desired space and you need help with the adjustments or the mounting?

BEHRENS.assembles and mounts.

project 12

Facade works

Sun and salty air make facades weather rapidly. Also doors and window shutters are stressed strongly and need regular care.

A fresh covering brings new protection and brilliance.

BEHRENS.paints also your facade.

  • project 1


    Natural stone works

  • project 2



  • project 3



  • project 4



  • project 5



  • project 6



  • project 7



  • project 8



  • project 9


    Sanitary repairs

  • project 10


    Property fencing

  • project 11


    furniture fittings

  • project 12


    Facade works


BEHRENS.develops: objects made out of wood and metal. Do you have your own idea? BEHRENS.develops the implementation!

team 1

The »Swing« pendulous bed

The »Swing« pendulous bed

A cozy outdoor pendulous bed.
Relaxation and comfort.
A place for communication.

team 1

Garden bench

Garden bench

Your place in the garden.

team 1



Your shade during hot summer days.

Are you interested in one of the products?

Please contact me for further information under +34 626 308 229

Do you have any questions or a concrete wish? It is a pleasure for me to advise you individually for information only and without responsibility.

Make your appointment here!


BEHRENS.helps: also you!

Once a month BEHRENS.helps offers charity institutions and projects his advice and executing help free of charge:

client 1 Kindergarten

Your charity institution needs a sandpit for your kindergarten, a garden bench for a retirement home or a herb spiral for the nature garden
. . . or?

client 2 Youth center

Apply with your wish under the number +34 626 308 229

client 3 School


My partners


BEHRENS.works is : Christopher Behrens - craftsman with passion



  • Christopher Behrens acquired the foundation of his craftsmanship through an apprenticeship as a construction and hydraulic engineer.
    With a lot of engagement and pleasure he extended his area of operations through subject specific further education.
    Since 10 years operates BEHRENS.works as a serviceprovider in the crafts industry on Mallorca.

    At BEHRENS.works you get all performances from one hand, so that the building owner can concentrate fully on his role as an idea provider and designer.

    As my client you are in good hands at BEHRENS.works.


  • Outdoor terraces, seating areas, facade works, bricklaying, natural stone works, roofings, summer houses, pool areas, land boundaries

  • Indoor upgrading of kitchens and bathrooms, sanitary facilities, renewal of floorings, breakthroughs, dry construction

  • Repairs sminor reparations, paintwork, repair of bathroom facilities, furniture assembly

  • Entrust your project to BEHRENS.works!


BEHRENS.is pleased : about your inquiry unter +34 626 308 229

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Christopher Behrens - Your competent and versatile craftsman on Mallorca - Email: info@behrens-works.com - Mobile: +34 626 308 229